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Stilettos on Broken Bottles

21 Jan

Body-Talk-Promo-robyn-19918452-500-500 Robyn_CMO4345 robyn_surprise_mouth_shoulders_blonde_6266_1920x1080

[[[[[I’m Obsessed with Body Talk pt. 1]]]]]

‘Obsession’ seems a little stale in the context of my love for Robyn.  I’m tired of hearing myself think about her album. I’m tired of dancing to ‘Dancing On My Own’ alone in my living room. I’m tired of searching for acoustic covers of ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ on  YouTube.  These things seem to happen against my will.

[[[[“Love Hurts When You Do it Right/You can Cry When You Get Older”]]]]]

I first listened to Body Talk in its entirety on a power walk in the dark through my town. Now every time I hear Love Kills it conjures images of a swing set lit by a streetlamp. Dancehall Queen is a greenhouse and a dried-up Imperialist-era fountain.

At first listen a lot of the songs on Body Talk felt like throw-aways, especially compared to instant classics like, Dancing on my Own, Call Your Girlfriend and Indestructible.  We Dance to the Beat is a nearly unbearable one trick pony, and its placement in the album seemed to belabor the listening process. I couldn’t get behind Snoop’s verse in U Should Know Better— how many times can he use the phrase “What it do”? Is he trying to remind us of his better/earlier work so that we forgive him for going so soft? Love Kills and Stars 4-Ever have redeeming qualities, but they weren’t so apparent the first time I heard them.

[[[[“It’s a big black sky over my town/I know where you @ I bet she’s around”]]]]]

It hit me later, though, that although not each track is a gem, (but Jesus I-can-not-stress-enough how good the good songs are) as a whole, the album calls to me, reminds me of the building dissonance in None of Dem and the cut-up “Y-y-you should know better,” the surprising melody behind the lines, “Can’t tell what’s right or wrong/I wish that something could be done/I’m not that clever” in Get Myself Together. Ugh. So good. It hurts.

[[[[[“None of ‘Dem Get My Sex/None of ‘Dem Move my Intellect”]]]]]

The album is so poppy it feels anti-pop–it’s 80s dance anthems with bright house-like interludes–mixed with lyrics that have more integrity than anything comparably catchy.

I love this song. Her outfit. Her dancing.


Dummy Magazine did a great interview with Robyn. Check it out.