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This Town is Coming Like a Ghost Town

31 Dec


[[[[OR- I’m Obsessed with Ghost World]]]]

A dye-stained towel sits limp on Thora Birch’s shoulders as, for a moment, she admires her fresh, dark locks in Enid’s mirror on the reverse side of her medicine cabinet. Devil Got My Woman plays as an overture.

I feel bit like Enid when I get dressed– not to up my street cred or make myself out to be full of adolescent angst– but I’m flooded with a sense of satisfaction and empowerment when I see my own freshly dyed hair for the first time in the haven that is my bedroom, bopping around in my socks to a Patti Smith record, my wooden floor heated by chunks of sunlight settling in.  (Actually, my mornings are more reminiscent of the scene where Enid shakes loose a full head of post-shower green hair while listening to the Buzzcocks.)

Changing her appearance is one of the few thrills left for Enid post-high school, besides chasing after lonely Seymour (Steve Buscemi) or finding a Cat Woman mask at a sex shop and wearing it around town. It’s the 1990’s in an unnamed town, and Enid Coleslaw is a punk-rocker-college-reject looking to shed the stagnancy of suburbia.

In the comic book, writer Daniel Clowes (who also wrote the screenplay for the movie) makes a cameo as a creepy, pervy artist that Enid is attracted to, much like the Steve Buscemi character that movie-Enid befriends, shares music with and sleeps with only to be hurt when he finds true, age-appropriate romance in the end.

Seymour is first introduced in the movie when Enid and her best friend Rebecca (played by ScarJo) answer a personals ad that Seymour put in the paper. They arrange to meet him in a diner, then snicker in the corner while he gets stood up by his imaginary date. The two meet again at a garage sale where Seymour is selling records. He recommends one with Skip James’ Devil Got My Woman, which Enid will eventually listen to on repeat.  Once you hear the song you’re apt to do the same.

Another iconic song from the Ghost World movie is “What do I Get” by the Buzzcocks. It seems to sum up Enid’s inner turmoil and it’s just generally a great song. Oddly enough, it’s not included on the movie’s soundtrack.

Even more iconic than the music are Enid’s signature and varied outfits. She’s always wearing something outrageous and inventive, usually with a different pair of glasses that probably aren’t prescription.

I’ve always wanted an excuse to use Polyvore, so below I’ve re-created some of Enid’s outfits. I also found out that these girls re-created her Raptor t-shirt, (they drew the Raptor by hand) and are selling it on Etsy. Alas, they sold out of ’em, but the shirt is featured below. The interpretations of these outfits are a little loose, but they capture Enid pretty well.

enid 1 enid 2 enid 3

I could stand to be a little better at Polyvore.