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Obsessed Wish List

6 Jan

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This week, I’d like to do a sort of compilation post to encompass all of the things encircling my mind– at least in the material sense– and highlight not one, but many different obsessions. Ideally, this will turn into a monthly trend where I use scents, books, music and fashion to sum up how I’m feeling.

Yesterday I went into Sephora to kill time while my boyfriend was browsing DVD’s at Best Buy. The amalgamations of scents jogged an ambiguous mass of memories; of living in Boston in 2008 and wandering around the Prudential center when there was nothing else to do. Maybe it was in part due to the sangria I had with my goat cheese and candied walnut salad moments before, but I was hit with a wave of longing for another time. I feel safe in my surroundings these days; a steady relationship, roommates that I’ve known for years, a small town in which no bar or restaurant houses any secrets, streets without corners to which I’m a stranger, neon signs that, due to repeatedly driving past, I hardly consider anymore.

Boston, though not a highlight in my life, allowed me to feel lost and naive. Granted I was five years younger, but the big-ish city managed to swallow me up and I relished in that a little. In Sephora i ran my hands over tiny jars of glitter, overpriced shampoo and perfumes bottles of a wealthier me– I wanted immediately to be with close female friends, searching for just the right concealer in preparation for that evening’s house party in a cramped hallway somewhere on Mission Hill.

Instead of buying, I browsed and fantasized. Here’s what I would have bought if I’d had the funds:

#1- Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift


I don’t know what it is about this perfume, or Taylor Swift. I joke about being obsessed with her, but it’s not a joke anymore. Taylor Swift rules. I go on binges and watch a lot of her music videos and interviews. She’s surprisingly humble, writes her own songs and is a decent guitar player. I don’t like country music, but her songs are so catchy they are irresistible. Oh yeah, and her perfume smells so damn good! The bottle is adorable, too.

#2- Soap & Glory Tired-Eye Brightening Serum


UK brand- awesome logo and packaging.

#3- Color-Minded Shampoo by Bumble and bumble


Nothing appeals to me more than Shampoo I can’t afford. This one smells exceptionally good.


Aside from things I want and can’t have, there are a few things that I do have that are keeping me afloat right now.

What I’m Listening to:


I know very little about Robyn and I’d like to keep it that way. She works well as an enigma. I recommend Dancing on My Own, Indestructible and Call Your Girlfriend.

What I’m (re)Reading


A woman that I couch-surfed with in Brooklyn gave me this for free. There are a bunch of notes penciled in the margins in Spanish.


Subscribing to BULLETT  is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

What I’m Watching


I got my roommates into Buffy, which is great news for me as I get to watch the entire series again. I’m also reading the comics. I love when Buffy wears a leather jacket and a cross. I manipulated the photo a bit, but it’s from http://sydsbuffyblog.tumblr.com/page/3.

Happy Winter!