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“I Love LA”- Randy Newman

21 Feb


Los Angeles exists only in dreams. Stagnant, smoky pink skies and rows of angled palm trees. Dry heat lightly coats the edges of the skyline like a fresh watercolor, then burns a darker yellow before giving in to the night. I pinch myself.

Save for one evening of debauchery, my trip was relatively tame, slow. I had the privilege of taking everything in and drifting with no purpose, of picking a place on a map and following the dotted line to my destination.

Here are some places I visited (and would visit again!):


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Upright Citizens Brigade Theater (a no-brainer)

As soon as we got to the UCB Theater on Franklin Ave, I felt like I was a part of something. We jumped in a line that extended past a healthf0od cafe and a used book store for Doug Benson’s, “Doug Loves Movies” (free) live podcast. Kids in line said, “for sure” and referred to Doug Benson as just, “Doug,” as in, I’m going to see Doug tonight. The theater is intimate and modest, with about 150 movie theater chairs and a dusty, plywood stage painted black.


Wild Style (And other stores on Melrose Avenue)

If I had free reign over a retail store and a disposable income, I would have invented Wild Style. The clothes are tastefully gaudy and practically imaginative. Trinkets are displayed on little carousels and everything is neon, clean and bright.


Griffith Park & Observatory

I’d offer up any given limb to have a life where I wake up in the morning and head to Griffith Park to walk my dog. The snaking paths up alongside the mountain aren’t easy, but lush and cinematic–very evocative of LA life and culture. Amidst traffic and smog, this is a perfect escape to nature.


Sunset Beer, Echo Park

Extremely fucking hip. Sunset Beer is tucked away in one of LA’s thousand or more strip malls, but is, not surprisingly, a hidden gem. Pick a single beer out of the cooler from a six pack and expect to pay liquor store prices. Seriously. I got my favorites stouts and porters for $1-$3 each.

The Secret Headquarters comic book store in Los Angeles

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Secret Headquarters Comic Book Shop, Silverlake

Of course, there’s no shortage of comic book stores in LA, but Secret Headquarters is my favorite. They have book release parties, literary fiction graphic novels that I haven’t been able to find in other stores since, and zines. (I actually found a zine made by someone from my hometown.) And it’s right next to Vacation Vinyl!